Semalt Provides A Compelling Benefits Of Data Scraping Tool

Just like other web scraping services, GitHub extracts information from different websites in a fast and effective manner. This tool mainly scrapes data from images and makes your browsing experience wonderful.

The business leaders constantly track information and want it to get scraped efficiently, without compromising on quality. GitHub is the only tool that collects, scrapes and saves your data in desirable formats. Some of its distinctive benefits are discussed below.

1. GitHub helps collect voluminous data

With GitHub, you can collect and organize data off the web and can download it to your hard drive directly. There are a large number of images and videos that contain useful information. With ordinary web scraping services, it is not possible to extract data from PDF documents, JPG and PNG files. However, GitHub makes it easy for you to scrape information from PDF documents and other types of files. In short, GitHub will help you understand the business dynamics better and will open the door of new opportunities.

2. Obtain accurate data with GitHub:

The data extraction tools we use do not get accurate and authentic information. Unlike those services, GitHub collects data accurately and analyze its quality. So if you want to scrape information from competitor's site, you should try GitHub. This tool ensures high-quality results and does not provide duplicate content to its users.

3. GitHub saves your time:

The speed at which data is available makes all the difference. With GitHub, you can scrape up to 20,000 images and Word documents in 50 minutes. Thus, this tool saves your time and energy and processes data at high speed. GitHub is suitable for startups and webmasters and helps them generate more leads on the Internet.

4. Stay competitive with GitHub:

Harnessing the power of data is important in transformation. With GitHub, you can stay competitive and can get insights on current market trends. This tool provides information about e-commerce sites, FMCG companies, and marketplaces, making it easy for you to determine where your brand is standing. Its cutting-edge features help promote and advertise your brand in a better way.

5. All the data in one place:

With GitHub, you can get data in desirable formats. The Internet generates quintillion bytes of information every minute. This tool will help you scrape data from social media sites and news outlets. You can also target the technology blogs and shopping websites to improve your site's ranking. You don't have to deal with unstructured or raw data because GitHub organizes your data in a readable and scalable format and saves a lot of time. This tool is suitable for enterprises, online businesses, corporate and travel agencies.

The beauty of this data scraping service is that it is fully customizable and fits your requirements in a better way. With GitHub, you can track keywords of your competitors, index your web pages and extract information from both internal and external links comfortably. A large number of companies trust GitHub and use this tool on a regular basis.

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